The Military Father

A Hands-on Guide for Deployed Dads

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Format Hardcover 320 pages 6 x 9 inches 30 black-and-white cartoons
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-030-2 SKU 1042358
Other Formats eBook

A much-needed resource for the long-distance dads and dads-to-be, who are seeking information and advice on how to be involved with their family before, during, and after their deployment.

Unfortunately, there are very few resources for military (and deployed civilian) fathers, who are looking for guidance on how to be in close touch with their families back home. The Military Father, written by the country’s leading authority on fathers and families, will fill that gap, providing deployed dads with everything they need to know to stay (or become) involved with and connected to their family regardless of the distance that separates them.

Part I of this essential sourcebook covers pre-deployment and explores the profound effect a dad’s absence will have on his spouse, his children, and himself. It also provides extensive pre-deployment checklists and detailed tips aimed at preparing the dad and his family for separation and long-distance communication. Part II, During Deployment, explains how to stay involved and connected when you’re far away, and includes specific strategies and activities designed to help dads and their family remain close across time and distance. Part III, Coming Home, offers advice on post-deployment times from preparing to come home and surmounting the challenges of returning to military or civilian life. In addition, the book includes a chapter on how dads can support a spouse when she’s the one being deployed, and a comprehensive listing of resources available to soldiers and their families.

Flavored with the author’s trademark wit, warmth, and intelligence, this guide combines a wealth of knowledge from experts, scientific studies, and interviews with scores of military fathers and their families. The Military Father includes cartoons that complement the text, solicited from deployed military or civilian fathers and family members, ranging from those on active duty to veterans.


"As an Army brat I know firsthand that it's not only our military men and women who serve the country—their spouses and children serve proudly as well. Armin Brott has contributed his own brand of service with this wonderful book—a great resource with useful checklists and advice that covers every stage of childhood. It will help ease what are difficult journeys." -- Linda Powell, daughter of General Colin Powell, US Army Ret., former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

"Too often, those who do the most for us are supported the least. Military fathers would certainly fall into this category. Brott's wonderfully informative book, The Military Father, is not only a much needed salute to the importance of these unique dads but it is also a 'field manual' for their most important front of all—the home front. -- Roland C. Warren, President, the National Fatherhood Initiative

Armin Brott has written what might possibly be the most comprehensive and contemporary book about deployments that I’ve ever read. In any case, “The Military Father” is an easy and interesting read sure to make you chuckle. It’s a unique blend of parenting book and military how-to, and for anyone who is about to face a deployment, it will be on my list of recommendations. -- Sarah Smiley, newspaper columnist and author of Dinner with the Smileys

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