The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

By Claudine Routiaux

Illustrator Claudine Routiaux

Release Date
Format Hardcover 32 pages 6.5 x 7.5 inches 36 full-color illustrations
Category Kids
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-735-7 SKU 18532

Retelling a classic fairy tale with bright illustrations and a clever tone. 

When a mother goat leaves her seven kids at home, a hungry wolf disguises himself as their returning mother and gobbles whole all but the youngest kid. But the mother goat thinks up an ingenious way to save all of her children and punish the wolf — by sewing rocks into his stomach!

The stories in the Classic Fairy Tales series have been adapted for children today while respecting the richness and flavor of the original versions. The small size of the books and their warm, inviting illustrations will appeal to children, who will also love the game page at the end of each book and will want to read all the books in the series.

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