Treasures of the Mussee Picasso

Release Date
Format Tiny Folio 320 pages 4 x 4.38 inches 300 full-color illustrations
Category Great Museums
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-576-6

The full sweep of Pablo Picasso's inexhaustible genius is revealed in this diminutive yet far-ranging tour of his museum housed in the exquisite Hôtel Salé.

As Gérard Régnier, the museum's director, notes in his informative introduction, "The magic of the Musée Picasso also stems from the silent dialogue between the work and the place-one of the most beautiful townhouses in Paris."Perhaps no artist in the entire history of art has proven more compelling than Picasso, and the museum dedicated to his life's work has attracted vast crowds from the moment it opened. This dazzling little volume encompasses every aspect of his own work in all media-painting, sculpture, collages, ceramics, sculptures, and drawings-as well as the work by other artists in his impressive personal collection.

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