Release Date
Format Tiny Folio 192 pages 4 x 4.38 inches 126 illustrations, 16 in full color
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-524-7

A festive photographic collection of the laughs, shouts, tears, kisses, pledges, oaths, toasts, and above all, joys of weddings.

In the tradition of Abbeville's Tiny FolioTM Hug & Kisses, Weddings brings readers down the aisle in an intimate and touching portrait of this most public of private ceremonies. With more than 100 images drawn from the finest wedding photographers around the world, this small book captures all aspects of the big day, from the first primping and preening to the seriousness (or absolute lack of seriousness) of the ceremony, from the perfect, still beauty of every bride to the furious celebration that seals the day in every guest's memory. Poetic quotes trumpet the complex joys of weddings throughout, adding depth to the proceedings. A perfect gift for the future bride and groom.

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