When You Were Young

A 2-in-1 Memory Scrapbook

Release Date
Format Paperback 136 pages 8.5 x 11 inches full color on every page
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-874-3 SKU 1042179

A whimsical and enchanting way to record memories from your child’s first five years, in a charming double-book format.

The unique style of this double book is sure to surprise and delight; families record the story of their child’s first two years, and then flip it upside-down to begin the companion volume that chronicles the toddler years.

The pages of the first part of this enchanting, full color journal invite new parents to create a loving and original keepsake for their child. Beginning with recollections of the pregnancy and birth, both mother and father contribute to this warm story of their baby’s first two years, sharing memories of joyful moments, exciting first, favorite outings, and family celebrations. Decorated with exquisite patterns, fanciful animals, and characters from story and song, this delightfully illustrated double volume provides space for photographs, announcements and clippings. When You Were Young presents thoughtful parents with a beautiful, engaging, and readable diary especially dedicated to their child.

When your child turns two, mark the occasion by flipping over this unique book and starting again! After the milestones of the first two years of life, children’s abilities and activities increase more and more rapidly as they become more involved with the world around them. Parents can continue their loving tribute as their child speaks his first sentences, discovers new activities and learns to tie his shoes. This beautiful book, enables parents to chronicle the landmarks of their child’s intellectual and emotional growth as well as his or her physical achievements, offering lovely double-page spreads on which to record memories of the child’s typical day, favorite foods, holiday highlights, birthday celebrations, family outings, and much, much more. Like the first book, there is space to add photographs – but now save your child’s drawings as well, creating an irreplaceable book that will be uniquely yours.

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