Wildlife of New York

A Five-Borough Coloring Book

By Giada Crispiels, Shannon Lee Connors

Illustrator Giada Crispiels

Release Date
Format Paperback 60 pages 11 x 11 inches 46 coloring pages
Category Crafts
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-255-9 SKU 1042658

Color your way through this insider’s tour of New York City’s iconic landmarks and little-seen neighborhoods, alongside the plants and animals that know them best

Explore lively streets, scenic parks, and teeming waterfronts in Wildlife of New York, a coloring adventure that celebrates the vibrant, humming energy of New York City and its surprisingly varied animal life. Artist Giada Crispiels’ playful scenes highlight beloved landmarks from all five boroughs—like Central Park, Coney Island, and the New York Botanical Garden—alongside charming neighborhood nooks and crannies. There are dozens of animals, from common squirrels to eagles and coyotes, that thrive in every corner of the urban jungle. The animals, as well as all of the featured locations, are described in lively captions at the back of the book.

Selected to fit any reader’s preference, Wildlife of New York’s artist quality paper reflects any coloring implement’s hue—whether it be markers, pens, or coloring pencils—in arresting blends and bold vividness. Packed with enchanting details, it will provide hours of fun for colorists of all ages, while opening their eyes to the amazing ecological diversity of even the most bustling cityscape.


If, in this digital age, you find yourself leaning slightly away from machina and toward manus, consider ... the bridge-traversing birds of Wildlife of New York — Vogue

Artist Giada Crispiels's drawings pair famous N.Y.C. backdrops with the city's furry and feathery inhabitants for doodles that are both playful and educational. — InStyle

[Find] nature in a concrete jungle. — CURBED

Really beautiful — Sallie Stutz, Brooklyn Museum

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