From Grape to Glass

Release Date
Format Hardcover 256 pages 11.88 x 9 inches 1,000 full-color illustrations
Category Food and Wine
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-917-7 SKU 1042248

Third Edition

The ultimate guidebook for wine lovers who want to understand how their favorite wines are grown, how they are produced, and how best to savor them.

Wine expert Jens Priewe has revised his acclaimed guidebook to wine, providing his readers with the most up-to-date information on this topic. Tailor-made for the contemporary wine consumer who drinks what he or she likes, this vividly illustrated text discusses not only awe-inspiring vintages, but also unknown wines from countries only recently included on the wine maps of the world. Priewe provides a key to the complex language of wine and illuminates the science of wine making while honoring the art behind its creation. Half the book is devoted to the wine-making process itself; the other half examines the best wines of the world, country by country, and guides the reader to an understanding of the intricacies of wine tasting and appreciation.

Illustrated with more than 1,000 color images, including computer graphics that explain the invisible processes of wine making; satellite maps and aerial photos of the world’s most important wine regions; and photographs of individual vineyards by the world’s best wine photographers, Wine: From Grape to Glass will quench the thirst for knowledge experienced by a true wine lover when uncorking a bottle of fine wine.

A journalist covering politics and economics for twenty years, Jens Priewe began exclusively writing about wine over fifteen years ago. His books include Italy’s Great Wines and Journey into the World of Wine. A regular contributor to culinary magazines, he lives in Munich.


Some might think this a coffee-table book, and it is. But it is loaded with solid information, in lay terms, about the world of wine — winemaking, wine grape varieties, wine regions, and the storing, enjoying and serving of wine. There are many other books that offer the same approach but From Grape to Glass, is a “mid-palate” compromise and the perfect anchor to your wine library. --

"The ultimate gift for any wine lover." -- Touring & Tasting magazine



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