Wonders of the Indian Wilderness

Release Date
Format Slipcased 856 pages 11 x 13 inches Approximately 2,000 full-color illustrations including maps
ISBN-13 978-0-78920-999-3

A spectacular celebration of the flora and fauna of the Indian wilderness, one of the most beautiful, diverse, and endangered ecosystems in the world.

The veneration of nature has always been an integral part of Indian culture, but the country’s wilderness is rapidly disappearing and only small fragments of it now remain. In the face of this ecological threat, Wonders of the Indian Wilderness provides a lavish celebration of India’s unique natural treasure and a call to preserve it in the years to come. Over 800 pages in scope, the book devotes its first half to exploring “The Nature of Biodiversity in India,” illustrating the incredible natural abundance of one of the twelve acknowledged mega-diversity nations of the world. Author Erach Bharucha describes the varied species and ecosystems of India, confronting the urgent need to conserve the country’s biodiversity—a vital resource with immense economic potential—in the process.

Among the hundreds of illustrations are a dazzling foldout review of Earth’s geological and evolutionary history and an eight-page extravaganza on India’s rich floral heritage. The second half of the volume focuses on “National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries of India,” recounting the distinctive plants, animals, and habitats the author has encountered in his travels through more than eighty of these areas—as well as the sobering changes he has witnessed in them over the years. Featuring more than 2,000 stunning full-color images, Wonders of the Indian Wilderness is not only an indispensable guide for environmentalists, educators, and eco-tourists but also an outstanding visual feast for the connoisseur. It is the most comprehensive overview available of the richness and sheer beauty of life in the Indian wilderness.


"With gorgeous photography and welcoming but precise text, this thorough exploration of India’s ecosystems is an endlessly satisfying volume." -- Publishers Weekly, Web pick of the week.

"Be wowed by images of the subcontinents flora and fauna in this colossal book..." -- Wanderlust

"In size, scope, and sheer heft, this magnificent book resembles a one-volume encyclopedia, but it is the breathtaking achievement of a single author." -- Library Journal

"This book presents immensely variable parklands and forests of the endlessly faceted India which arent often discussed in the West." -- ForeWord Magazine

This is a beautiful book, and an appealing one for ecotourists who are bound for India or armchair travelers who are not....there is no comparable work for an attractive introduction to some of Earths unique and most threatened wildlife, which this book seeks to help protect. -- Choice

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