World War II


By Mort Künstler, James I. Robertson

Illustrator Mort Künstler

Release Date
Format Hardcover 48 pages 7 x 9 inches 34 illustrations
Category Kids
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-261-0 SKU 1042685
Other Formats eBook

Take a visual journey through the epic events of World War II with the art of Mort Künstler

World War II: 1939–1945 takes readers on a vivid journey through the most important events of the conflict, with illustrations by Mort Künstler—one of American’s foremost historical painters—and an inquiry-based text by renowned historian James I. Robertson, Jr..

Young readers are encouraged to look for details and discover key moments of the war—including Pearl Harbor, D-Day, and the Battle of the Bulge—to learn how it really felt to be there. A timeline and short biographies of notable figures, such as Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, provide excellent supplements to each chapter.

From high-action combat to soldiers reflecting post-battle, each scene captures a historically accurate, visually rich portrait of the war. No other living historical artist is as celebrated as Künstler, and his work continues to attract history lovers of all ages.


These are great books for children to read and enjoy ... very detailed illustrations. — The Leader

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