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Gargoyles Postcard Book

Thirty mischievous gargoyles have been captured in these delightful and frightfully amusing postcards.

From their lofty perches they spit, stick their tongues out, threaten, and even laugh at us. Ugly and grotesque, gargoyles may have once been used to terrify all those who came near them. Today, however, their entertaining expressions and often bawdy behavior are frightfully amusing. Thirty of these mischievous devils are presented here in these delightful postcards from Abbeville Press.Inspired by the Abbeville Press book Holy Terrors: Gargoyles on Medieval Buildings.

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Norman Rockwell Postcard Book

These thirty heart-warming and whimsical postcards celebrate Norman Rockwell's unique vision of the American dream.

Norman Rockwell is often associated with the series of witty covers he executed for The Saturday Evening Post. But, in fact, he had a much wider impact as an artist and illustrator: story illustrations for the Ladies' Home Journal, covers for popular magazines such as Boy's Life, Literary Digest, and Life; journalistic interpretations of social themes and portraits of political figures for Look magazine; and advertisements for corporate giants like AT&T and Kellogg cereal.

The 30 images presented here highlight Norman Rockwell's entire artistic vision, capturing the spirit of America's most beloved pictorial storyteller.

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Manhattan Lightscape Postcard Book


The light of New York is revelatory, dramatic, and argumentative, as if its job were to pull the inhabitants of the city back from their harsher conclusions about the nature of the place. The city may seem narrow, frenetic, and confined, but over this can ride a cool smiling sky that stretches gently to a comforting infinity. If you surrender properly to the whirl of motion in New York, the seemingly chaotic action will cease. . . .

In a mirror image of this attribute, the city can bring a frozen image to life as if it actually were moving, as if it were three-dimensional, as if it carried sound, and as if it were not an image but, somehow, real.Tourist postcards of New York abound, but for sheer artistry, none can compare with Nathaniel Lieberman's breathtaking photographs of this magical city. These thirty awe-inspiring images are a perfect evocation of the astonishing light and extraordinary vistas that define New York.

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