Wall Street Journal Tasting Lessons from Oyster Book
Wednesday December 28, 2016

Wall Street Journal Tasting Lessons from Oyster Book

The Wall Street Journal's Kathleen Squires' writes about her lessons in oyster history and flavor profiles from Oysters: A Celebration in the Raw authors Jeremy Sewall and Marion Lear Swaybill.

In “Oysters: A Celebration in the Raw” (Abbeville Press), chef Jeremy Sewall and journalist Marion Lear Swaybill present historical anecdotes and plenty of quotable factoids, plus information on growing cycles and growers, and tasting notes on 54 varieties.

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A Celebration in the Raw


Winner of the 2017 Readable Feast People's Choice Cookbook of the Year

A comprehensive visual celebration of one of the sea’s most delicious and fascinating creatures, featuring lush original photography, practical guidelines, and historical anecdotes

For centuries, oysters have had the power to sustain and delight, inspiring writers and artists, lowly cooks and four-star chefs, laborers and gourmands, and everyone in between. A feast for the eyes and the palate, oysters also are rich in history and lore. In Oysters: A Celebration in the Raw, Marion Lear Swaybill presents a wide-ranging visual exploration of this iconic shellfish, including stunning portraits of more than fifty oyster varietals, the latest photographs from some of the country’s most renowned and beautiful oyster farms, and notable illustrations of oysters in art and culture, all alongside a lively and informative text. Acclaimed chef and restaurateur Jeremy Sewall provides personal insights, drawing on his New England lineage and his place in the forefront of the oyster revival.

Overflowing with gorgeous original photography and fascinating anecdotes, Oysters: A Celebration in the Raw is the perfect book for oyster aficionados and newbies, foodies and chefs of all stripes, lovers of photography and art, the environment, history, and the sea.

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