The Greatest Teachers in Sports and Their Lessons for Us All

By Justin Spizman

Release Date
Format Hardcover 400 pages 5.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBN-13 978-0-78927-018-4

Coaches are critical to achieving top performance from individual athletes and teams. As with the competitors themselves, the performance of the coaches is measurable and teachable. Coach profiles the 150 most successful coaches of all time—in every major sport—providing biographical background while lasering-in on their most relevant ideas and methods. Rich in quotations, each profile ends with a prescriptive list of takeaways that readers can apply not only to the sports they love but also to their lives and careers. Competitive sports are all about performance, and because all sporting competition involves scoring, “performance” is lifted out of the realm of subjective opinion and into the objective domain of numbers. This book will teach, and it will also settle arguments.

Among the 150 coaches profiled are—

Bill Belichick: Take-no-prisoners coach of the New England Patriots, with five Super Bowl appearances in twelve years.

Brad Gilbert: Tennis coach, author of Winning Ugly, whose most famous student, Andre Agassi, said, “Brad taught me how to play tennis, period.”

Marian Vajda: She is the coach behind Novak Djokovic and has been called the “puppet master” behind Djokovic’s history-making 43-match winning streak.

Pat Summitt: As coach of the University of Tennessee Lady Vols women’s basketball team from 1974 to 2012, Summitt racked up 1,098 wins, the most in college basketball.

Vince Lombardi: Although he coached the Green Bay Packers for just seven years, he made it very much his team, winning five league championships and history’s first two Super Bowls.

László Polgár: The great Hungarian chess coach who believed that, while only geniuses win at chess, “geniuses are not born, but made.” He set out to make them.

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