How to Live Like a Monk

Medieval Wisdom for Modern Life

By Danièle Cybulskie

Release Date
Format Hardcover 176 pages 5 x 8 inches
ISBN-13 978-0-78921-413-3 ISBN-10 078921413X

How medieval monastic practices—with their emphasis on a healthy soul, mind, and body—can inspire us to live fuller lives today


We know that they prayed, sang, and wore long robes—but what was it really like to be a monk? Though monastic living may seem unimaginable to us moderns, it has relevance for today.

This book illuminates the day-to-day of medieval European monasticism, showing how you can apply the principles of monastic living—like finding balance and peace—to your life. With wit and insight, medievalist and podcaster Danièle Cybulskie dives into the history of monasticism in each chapter and then reveals applications for today, such as the benefits of healthy eating, streamlining routines, gardening, and helping others. She shares how monks authentically embraced their spiritual calling, and were also down to earth: they wrote complaints about being cold in the manuscripts they copied, made beer and wine, and even kept bees.

This book features original illustrations by Anna Lobanova, as well as more than eighty color reproductions from medieval manuscripts. It is for anyone interested in the Middle Ages and those seeking inspiration for how to live a full life, even when we’re confined to the cloister—or our homes.